The Irish Flag Cocktail

irish pub, cocktail, alternative, st patrick's day, Ah, the Irish Flag is a beautiful cocktail to behold and it tastes great which makes it even better to serve. It is cool and appropriate on St. Patrick’s Day because it mimics the Irish Flag in color due to its ingredients – green creme de menthe, Licor 43 and Irish Cream.

It is obviously layered, but do not be intimidated by this. Just like making a “Black & Tan” beer, it can be done quite easily with a spoon held upside down in whatever shot glass you are using, Here is a tutorial on layering cocktails you might find helpful:


  1. 1/3 Creme de Menthe (must be green in colof)
  2. 1/3 Licor 43
  3. 1/3 Bailey’s Irish Cream

Pour into a glass using the method outlined in the video below. Make sure you pour them in the order prescribed above. Serve chilled.

How to Layer a Cocktail