Making Irish Coffee – The Right Way!

You’ve probably heard the saying “it may be simple, it just ain’t easy”, right? Making Irish Coffee is no different when you make it the right way. And that’s exactly what we’re going to show you here. Remember, it’s simple, but you’ve gotta have great ingredients and use the right steps. If you do, you’ll taste the greatest “winter warmer” on the planet. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 (we assume you’re sharing this with someone) clear coffee mugs, preferably Irish mugs.
  • High quality coffee beans*.
  • A French Press coffee maker (hey, we said the right way, remember?)
  • Red Breast Irish Whiskey.
  • Heavy whipping cream.
  • Brown sugar
  • 1 mixing bowl
  • 1 small mixing pitcher
  • 1 pot of hot water
  • 1 coffee grinder
  • 1 single ounce / two ounce shot measurer.

Boil hot water and then pour it into your two clear mugs and set them aside. Pour hot water into them to ensure there is no chill.  Grind your high quality coffee beans and then use a generous amount (to taste) to scoop into your French Press coffee maker and then pour in hot water. Set the French Press aside for 3 to 5 minutes.

Grab your small mixing pitcher and place 3 scoops of brown sugar into it. Next, pour 6 to 8 oz. of room temperature of water into the pitcher and begin to stir it slowly until the sugar is completely dissolved. This should only take a minute or so. Set this aside. By the way, you just made simple syrup.

Pour your heavy whipping cream into the mixing bowl and begin to whisk the cream until it is thick enough to float on top of the coffee. You do not want it to be runny, but you don’t want it thick enough to put on top of pastry. It should move very slowly when you test it for consistency. When you think it will float, whip it a little more and then set it aside. Remember, it is better that it’s a little thicker than thinner! This shouldn’t take more than two minutes (remember, you only need enough for two mugs of coffee).

Now you’re ready for your Irish Whiskey. You may have noticed that we have recommended Red Breast and when you see the price of Red Breast, you’re going to be tempted to use Jameson Irish Whiskey, or Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey. Don’t if you can avoid it. Then again, it’s a coffee, so do what you must. Just don’t come into LT Irish Pub proclaiming your connoisseurship.

Pour two ounces of Red Breast Irish Whiskey into each Irish Coffee mug. Next, pour one ounce of your simple syrup into each mug. Now get hold of your French Press and pour your coffee into the mugs. You’re now ready for your whipped cream.

Grab your mixing bowl and a spoon. Hold the spoon over one of the coffee mugs with the bottom of the spoon facing up. Slowly pour your freshly whipped cream over the spoon letting it drizzle on top of the coffee. This little spoon act is what will allow it float and maintain its consistency.

Finally, garnish each mug of Irish Coffee with three of your high quality coffee beans. Now drink up. If you think this sounds delicious, just wait till you taste it. Enjoy yourself. And check out the video below to see the steps in their entirety (except the spoon trick). If you’re not into making Irish coffee yourself, but just gotta have one, come on down to LT Corner Pub. We’ll make one right up for you!