If You’re Looking to Get Hammered This St. Patrick’s Day, Go With The Irish Hammer!

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The Irish Hammer

So you wanna get hammered on St Patrick’s Day in a delicious way? This shot blends Irish Mist, Irish Cream and Jameson Whiskey. If you have not tasted this drink before, you’ll get wonderful honey notes with caramel that not only balance the Jameson, but compliment it as well.

Unlike the B-52 or the Tiatop, the Irish Hammer is not too sweet. However, there is boldness in the honey and caramel notes and if you use Bailey’s Irish Cream, you’ll notice floral hints from the Irish Mist are more pronounced. On the other hand, if Carolans Irish Cream is used, you’ll notice greater caramel flavors within the drink.

The Irish Hammer is a great choice at your next gathering with friends. Simple to prep and serve, all you need is a pitcher large enough to hold your batch for your guests and just throw it in your fridge. Pour it when you are ready and continue to top up glasses when necessary. Because it’s not too strong, dry or sweet in addition to being easy to make, it’s usually a smash with guests.

Irish Hammer Shot Recipe

  • 1 part Jack Daniel’s
  • 1 part Irish Mist
  • 1 part Irish cream
Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour in the liquors, and shake until chilled. Strain the mixture into a shot glass.