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Texas Is An Irish State, Too!

The Irish have been a bigger part of Texas than most people realize and Irish immigration to the Lone Star State began in earnest during the 1840’s. But the Potato Famine was only one of the reasons the people of The Green Isle eyed Texas as their best bet for the future, with the earliest […]

Irish Whiskey vs. Scotch Whisky

  Whiskey is manufactured and drank all over the world, however, the very first whiskey distillery was launched in Ireland in 1608 and the Bushmills Distillery in Antrim still stands today. The people of Ireland were for the most part farmers and grew grain to make bread and then use the mash from the excess […]

The Thrills – Great Irish Band #10

The Thrills have been described as having a classic pop rock sound like the anglo rock from the 60’s and early 70’s. Think of bands like Big Star, The Byrds and Buffalo Springfield and you get the picture. The Thrills hail from Dublin, Ireland and were formed in 2001 with their debut album, “So Much […]

A Great Irish Wine from France?

Everyone knows about the great wines of Bordeaux. If you have ever had one of the 1st growths in a marquis year, you know that it is very difficult to go back to a two-buck-chuck! Another bit of common knowledge is the French will do nearly anything to protect the reputation of those things that […]

Q&A With a Texas Original

Many things in Texas are decidedly Texas. The Alamo is Texas. The Rangers (not the baseball team) are Texas. The Cowboys (the football team) is Texas. In terms of music, Willie Nelson is Texas. But if these are the tallest oak trees of Texas culture, the roots are much deeper. And if you look deep […]