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The Legend of Brian Boru

As the last High King of Ireland, Brian Boru is a key figure in Irish legend and history. Brian Boru or to use his Irish Gaelic name Brian Borumha mac Cennetig, ruled Ireland from 1002 to 1014. Brian Boru was born in the early 10th Century, in the ancient Irish Kingdom of Kincora, near the […]

Great Irish Band #11 – The Frames

The Frames are an Irish rock band from Dublin and are a part of the remnants of the Dublin rock scene of the early 90’s. They’ve done 6 albums and have been very influential on the European music scene and are another band that never got their due. Founded by Glan Hansard in 1990, the […]

The Emerald – A Great Alternative to Green Beer

St. Patrick’s Day is a day that is definitely associated with tipsiness. And much of that is brought about through green beer and less than palatable swill. Sure, you have Guiness (my personal poison) and you do have Red Breast, my fave whiskey. But there isn’t much else. There just aren’t that many decent cocktails […]