8 Reasons Why LT Corner Pub is the Best Sports Bar in Lakeway

sports bar, irish pub, soccer, football, baseball, lakeway, beerEvery sports bar needs minimums. We are an Irish Pub and also a sports bar and live entertainment venue. Here are eight reasons why we are the best sports bar in Lakeway, Bee Cave or anywhere outside of Austin City Limits.

  1. Lots of HD Flat Screen TVs 

It would seriously shock you how many bars go to the lengths to put in a sweet TV setup only to then have a row of beer taps that completely obstruct your view if you’re sitting at the bar. We Don’t do that. We have 9 screens and they are all HD and all unobstructed.

  1. The Ability to View Several TVs from a Central Location

Can’t tell you how many times I have been to a so called sports bar and could only view one screen from where I was sitting. It sucks and there is more than one of these in Lakeway. Not so at LT Corner Pub. You can view at least 4 screens from anywhere you are sitting. Nuff said.

  1. Seating That Does Not Bruise Your Behind

Nobody needs a heated Lazy Boy recliner (although if you got one, it’s pretty dank). But if I’m going to a joint and plunking myself down for a few hours, make sure my butt doesn’t hurt or slide off your bench or bar stool, okay? Won’t happen here at LT Corner Pub.

  1. Sound

I hate it when I cannot hear a game. I do not want to watch a wide receiver get his spine rearranged by a devasting hit while listening to Celine Dionne sing the theme from Titanic. I want to hear the crunch or helmets smacking and a crowd screeming “OOOOOOOOoooooo” when a big hit happens. I like listening to Troy Aikman and other color callers. There is a time for Willie and it ain’t during the game. You’ll hear the game at LT Corner Pub.

  1. Drinks

Ever tried to order your favorite cocktail at a sports bar only to hear them say, “We only have XYZ bourbon” or vodka or whatever? Even worse – the dreaded, “We only have one tap and it’s Budweiser”. Yeah, right? We have a full bar at LT. Lots of beer on tap and we have great service. We even have lots of Irish drinks we serve special if you’re in the mood for something different. Not a bad wine list either. You’ll get what you want here.

  1. Food

We’ve got a fairly short Pub menu, but what we do offer is fantastic and authentic. We have great, authentic Irish Stew, Rueben sandwiches, Fish and Chips and lots of other great comfort food. You will have a great choices that are hot and tasty while you watch your favorite game.

  1. Great Service

We provide service that is fast and accurate. Come on in. We’ll prove it to you.

  1. Good Lighting & Clean Bathrooms

There is an old adage about restaurants – “If the bathroom is dirty, don’t eat anything from the kitchen”. It’s true, too. Our bathrooms are stellar and our lighting is natural and un-cave like. At the same time, our lighting will not glare on our 9 TV’s. You won’t squint when you walk out of LT Corner Pub like you’ve been spelunking all day.